Oakley – Das Buch

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Das Buch – für den Oakley Fan
– 100-976-00

ISBN 9781614282686


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Das Buch – für den Oakley Fan

40 Years of Design and Innovation You already know the unmistakable ‘O’ logo and the famous faces that helped cement the brand as a global icon of high performance and rebel style. Now get to know the real story behind Oakley. Since 1975, Oakley has been synonymous with breaking boundaries of technological possibility and aesthetic banality, an ethos carried forward by a group of mad scientists never content to iterate, only looking to reimagine and reinvent the very idea of performance eyewear, technical apparel, and wearable technology. This is the story of big risks and bigger rewards?and the willingness to throw it all away and start again with a larger vision and greater ambition. This is disruption by design, futurism mixed with heritage, and vision without limit. This is the world according to Oakley.